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Since its establishment in 2007, SOLE Materials has contributed to the development of technology in semiconductor and display industries by producing and selling excellent quality specialty gases based on her rich experience and skills in ultra-pure special gases for semiconductors and displays.

SOLE Materials aims to become a leader in specialty gas for electronic industry through continuous innovation and research and development and will become a company that contributes to increase in customer values and grows together with customers by operating a system that responds to the technology and quality differentiation of customers in real time.

In addition, we will actively discover and commercialize new businesses in the field of core materials for semiconductors, displays and the next new growth industry to establish a business structure that continues to grow.

SOLE Materials will pursue perfect environment safety and quality control and become a credible partner for customers, and we hereby promise to stay as a member of community who contributes to the development of regional community.

I once again would express my gratitude for visiting SOLE Materials website and we ask for your continued trust and support.

Representative Director of SOLE Materials Co., Ltd. JI HAING HUR