Pure Gas

Items Purity Package Charge Amount Applied Processes
Cylinder Valve
NO 3N5, 4N (99.95%, 99.99%) 47L JISS22R 490psi, 290psi Deposition
CF₄ 5N (99.999%) 47L, 440L DISS716, JISS22R 30kg, 32kg, 300kg Cleaning and Etching
HBr 5N, 5N5 (99.999%, 99.9995%) 47L CGA330, DISS634 50kg, 55kg Etching
Si₂H₆ 4N8 (99.998%) 47L JISS22L, DISS632 5kg, 10kg, 20kg Deposition
C3F8 5N (99.999%) 47L JISS22R 40kg Cleaning and Etching
He 5N, 6N (99.999%, 99.9999%) 47L, Bundle CGA 580, JISS22R 130Bar, 170Bar Carrier and Purge


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